The iSonic is an intelligent and versatile ultrasonic Meter / Controller designed to measure Level, Volume and Open Channel Flow.  iSonic’s unique features allow accurate measurements in harsh environments.  The iSonic uses the measured signals for control purposes and /or recording to an internal data-logger


•    In fresh and waste water applications, iSonic measures level and calculates flow rates through weirs or flumes using one of it’s pre-programmed conversion formulas or a 15 point conversion table.  The two transducer inputs can be added, subtracted and averagedTotalizer functionality is provided for each channel.

•    In silos and tanks, the iSonic measures level and calculates the volume of the solids or liquids they contain by using one of its standard tank shape pre-programmed conversion formulas.  Volume can also be calculated using a custom 15 point conversion table.

•    In tanks containing chemical substances with high vapour pressure, iSonic maintains its accuracy by constantly measuring the speed of sound in the environment, using a specialized sensor. iSonic maintains its accuracy in any application where the atmospheric environment is not standard.

•    The iSonic can be powered by either AC (90-230V) or DC (12-14V) power.  A low power sleep/operate mode is provided for installations where no mains power is available.  In low power mode, the iSonic typically draws only 30mW/h.

•    iSonic can interface two Air-Ultrasonic Transducers simultaneously, performing independent or combined Level, Volume and Open Channel Flow measurements.  Additionally, the instrument can be interfaced to two Temperature sensors, two Analogue inputs (0-5V or 4-20mA) and four Digital inputs.

•    The instrument is able to provide limited 24V power to external loop sensors and 12V power for an external MODEM.

•    As a controller, the instrument can be programmed with various set points resulting in analogue outputs (PID) and relay (five) actions according to the measured inputs.  Complex switching sequences are possible and pump rotation for even wear has been implemented.

•    As a recorder, the instrument is capable of storing as much as one-month’s data at one-minute intervals or more than a year’s data at 15-minute intervals, whilst logging all data channels.

•    Configuration of the instrument can be done via the six function keys and the graphical LCD display or via a personal computer (PC) using the custom software supplied with the unit.  The configuration is password protected.

•    Using a personal computer and the custom software supplied with the unit, recorded data can be displayed in graphical format.  Minimum, maximum and average flow for a specified time interval can be calculated and displayed in tabular and graphical format.  The recorded data can be exported in .CSV format.

•    Remote communication with the instrument is possible using RS232/RS485, MODEM or GSM MODEM (Data & SMS).  Via this interface, configuration changes and data retrieval are possible.  Using the RS485 interface, a network of up to 32 iSonics can be created.  The units can be configured to send SMS to a technician when certain selected alarms have occurred.  Also, using SMS, current information such as totalizer value, current level/flow reading, temperature reading etc, can be interrogated. By adding an RF Transceiver, RF Telemetry can be performed to a central control room.


.•    Two Air-ultrasonic transducers

•    Two Temperature Sensors

•    Two 4-20mA or 0-5V Analogue inputs

•    Four Digital inputs


•    Five Relays

•    Two Digital outputs

•    Two Analogue outputs (4-20mA) which either

    operate as transmitters of process values or operate
as the output of a PID control loop.

User Interface

•    Graphic LCD display

.•    Six button Keyboard

•    Custom Software for Personal Computer


Data Logging & Communication

•    Data can be exported to a PC using RS232


•    Two Megabyte flash based storage

•    emote data retrieval

•    RS485 network operation

•    MODEM / GSM MODEM interface

•    SMS (small message system) mobile Communication

•    RF Telemetry links via Port2 (MODBUS or Text)

Data-logs can be downloaded and displayed using the PC software

 Custom Software

•    Independently programmable inputs

•    Pre-programmed conversion formulas

•    Programmable measurement functions

•    Remote configuration and data retrieval

•    Programmable control functions

•    Firmware can be updated in the field

•    Two 15 point conversion tables


Custom PC software used for configuration and data retrieval

Open chanel flow setup



Bat 1 & 2Bat 3 Bat 4

Velocity Probe

Analogue Inputs

§   Two 4-20mA or 0-5 V, measured at 10 bits resolution

Analogue Outputs

§   Two 4-20mA, generated at 12 bits resolution

Front Panel User Interface

§   Graphic LCD, capable of displaying 8 lines of 20 characters. Six button keyboard for configuration purposes.


§   Via front panel or remote configuration using the PC custom software.  On PC interface common configurations can be stored in templates, to be used in new instrument configurations. Configuration is password protected.


•    ive Relays, N/O and N/C 6A 250V AC/28VDC


Digital Outputs

•    Able to switch 30mADC, maximum voltage is 80VDC, pulse output for connection to an external totalizer.

Digital Inputs

•    Optically isolated, requires a minimum of 1.3V/2mA DC to register a signal.



•    Two Serial Ports, one external DB9 connector. Port 2 can be configured as RS485 or RS232 and can be used as MODEM/GSM MODEM interface. Network of up to 32 iSonics is possible via the RS485 interface using MODBUS or the proprietary STALK protocol. Implementing RF Telemetry is easily done by adding an external RF Transceiver.

Data logging

•    wo megabyte flash based memory. Data logging is configurable on a per minute basis up to a maximum of 99-minute intervals. Using 15 minute logging intervals, a Data-Log of over 1 year in length can be created.

Measurement functions

•    Level, Volume and Flow.  Various standard tanks/weirs/flumes or custom tables can be selected.  Totalizer functionality is provided for each channel.

•    Add / Subtract / Average / Dual Flow operation using two transducers simultaneously.

•    4-20mA Loop powered devices, such as Level, Pressure, pH & Temperature.


Control functions

•    Programmable set points with hysteresis functionality.

•    Daily and/or periodic timer functions.

•    Configurable Pump rotation for wear leveling.

•    PID Control


•    AC 90 - 230V / Max Power 10W

•    Able to provide 24V / 50mA power for external sensors.

•    Able to provide 12V for external MODEM

Temperature Range

•    Operating temperatures:  -20°C to 60°C

•    Storage temperature:       -40°C to 80°C


•    UV resistant, IP65 (NEMA 4X)


Physical Dimensions

•    Length:               230mm

•     Width:                270mm

•    Height:                76mm

•    Weight:                ±1.3Kg


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