Waste Water Treatment Control

PLC's, SCADA systems, optical fiber,  modbus and profibus communication

Liquid level, flow and pressure controls

Dissolved oxygen Controls

Sludge thickener controls

 Water Pump & Motor Controls

Motor starters - Star/delta, direct on line, soft starters and variable speed drives

Motor starters 0.75kW 220V up to 1.5 MW 3300V

Installation and repairs to soft starters and variable speed drives

Water Pump & Motor Repairs

Repairs to electrical motors, pumps and gearboxes

Bearing replacements, end shield repairs, baking of water immersed motors and rewinding of motors

Remanufacturing of shafts, bearing replacements, impeller replacements and gasket replacements on pumps.

Factory Maintenance & Installation

General Electrical work and installations in hazardous areas

Compliance certificates available

Hospital Electrical Maintenance

Theatre maintenance and installations

Emergency lighting and standby - generators

Steam boiler controls

General electrical reticulation

Sales and Supplies

Niche products

Emergency spares

Purpose made products

Products ordered on demand

Monitoring & GSM Telemetry

Monitoring of various items such as remote pump stations,

center pivot irrigation machines, reservoirs and 


Commissioning, Repairs and Modifications to Actuators

Commissioning, repairs to manufacturers specs, modifications to customers requirements of any actuator

P I D Control for any digital controlled actuator by means of a 4 - 20mA, 0-5V, or 0 - 10v signal

General Mechanical Work

We own a fully equipped mechanical workshop for all your general 

mechanical work.

Laboratory Equipment Repairs

Repairs to laboratory equipment such as autoclaves,

scrubber units etc.

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